Pali & Fekete


Note: website prototypes are only for presenting purpose




Pali & Fekete Architect Gallery is a gallery curated by artist and architect, Judit Meda Fekete.The gallery explores the symbiotic relationship between art and architecture. In this project, I rebranded P & F gallery from scratch, including logo, letterhead, print ads, environmental installation and website. There are both macro and micro website. Macro provides P & F gallery information while micro site was dedicated to monthly exhibition, in this case, architect Renzo Piano's "Gravity Zero" was the subject.

The target user for this re-branding project will be artist, designers and general pulic regardless age, gender and profession but with an interest of art and design.

-> generate new logo
-> new letterhead: business card, letterhead
-> new print promotions: postcards, posters
-> enviromental signages
-> macro website (promoting P & F)
    - landing page
    - calendar page
    - contact page
    - gallery page
-> micro website (promoting P & F monthly events)
-> augmented reality interface

Logo Exploration


Finalized Logo

Mood Board

Based on the inspiration of architecture forms and the mood boards, several business cards concept were developed.
Business Cards Explorations

Print campaign was created for promoting purpose, including postcards, brochures and posters.
Enviromental Signages including street banners, billboards and building posters.
Two websites were designed and prototyped. A macro site was created for P & F, the micro site is for P & F's current month exhibition - Gravity Zero: Exhibition for Architect Renzo Piano.
These are augmented reality interfaces users interacting with in the gallery, with this interface they will be able to navigate through desired exhibition information projected on the back of the wall

The prototype was programmed in Flash ActionScript 3, only one full working route was programmed for presenting purpose.