My name is Qinghua, I'm an UX/UI designer at LA. I have academic background on both Interaction Design (Art Center College of Design, graduated 2011) and Computer Science (CSU-Fullerton, graduated 2007).I have worked at various corporates and design agencies, such as Inhance Digital (UX Designer) and FOX Sports (Interactive Designer), I have worked on projects from different fields, Boeing(Commercial Airlines), Toyota (Scion FR-S), Los Angeles Federal Credit Union, Sepra Film,Emirates,etc.

Because of my experience with both software engineering and design, I always try to explore an efficient integration between art and design, design and business, design and problem solving. I enjoy being a smooth communicator between design and engineering, I believe design is essentially an elegant way of solving problems.

Contact     qpcreation1@gmail.com
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Featured Projects
Locked Projets with limited info online due to NDA

Boeing   CEM   & CAE   Multi - platform  App
Web / Mobile / Multi-Touch Wall /
Multi-Touch Table

Blue Jay   Mobile   App  
Android Tablet

Sepra   Mobile   App  


Pali   &   Fekete   2011
Transmedia ( Branding, Websites )

Solar   Power   2009


Adobe   MAX   2010

Times   Ten   2009
Book Design